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City Office

  • Boards and Commissions

Dana King

Public Ethics Comissioner, 1/22/2015 - 1/21/2018, Public Ethics Commission

Stephanie Hom

Deputy City Administrator, Office of the City Administrator

Alaina Fugelsted

Recreation Specialist, Parks, Recreation & Youth Development

Bryant Bacon

Fitness Program Directo, Parks, Recreation & Youth Development

Deborah Barnes

Director, Contracts & Compliance, Office of the City Administrator

Menaka Mohan

Community Transportation Planner, Transportation

Valorie Winn

Center Director, Parks, Recreation & Youth Development

Katano Kasaine

Director of Finance,

Greg Minor

Assistant to the City Administrator, Special Permits & Nuisance Abatement, Office of the City Administrator

Mandolin Kadera-Redmond

Chair, Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission