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What Can the City Auditor Do?

Learn more about the responsibilities and authories of Oakland's elected City Auditor

The City Auditor works for all Oakland residents. As an independently elected official, the City Auditor is objective, fair and firm when she reviews City-related business and program activities

The City Auditor does not work for any other City department or program. In order stay objective, she has no day-to-day financial or accounting responsibilities for the City of Oakland. This independence helps her stay unbiased in her role as Oakland's full-time watchdog and helps her make sure tax dollars and other resources are spent to serve the public's interest.

The City Auditor's job is to analyze the City's operations and programs, as well as to issue reports to the public, elected officials and City staff. The reports provide detailed findings, conclusions and recommendations, and once they are issued, all reports are available to the public.

The City Auditor has the power and the duty to audit the books, accounts, money and securities of all City agencies and departments. There's nothing in Oakland City government that the City Auditor cannot look into.