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The Civic Design Lab

A collaborative working space inside City Hall dedicated to civic innovation

The Civic Design Lab is a collaborative working space designed by local Oakland architects and located on the 9th floor of Oakland's City Hall. The CDL is a place where government experts and community members can come together to work, organize and share. The Lab hopes to bring together people from all over Oakland with teams from multiple City departments to take part in:

  1. Public Feedback Sessions. We want to invite the public into the Civic Design Lab to give the City feedback about programs and processes.
  2. Project-Based Fellowship. The Civic Design Lab will host City employees to work together on projects.
  3. Workshops or “Labs” for Civil Servants. The CDL will host special events designed to help City staff to build and implement digital services focused on user research, process design and content development.
  4. Engagement Events. The CDL space will host small public events in order to build community relationships and train residents to access government services using online tools. 

Current Civic Design Lab Projects

  • Digital Front Door: Redesign of City of Oakland website to improve user experience and navigability of resources.
  • Procurement Portal: Build-out of streamlined procurement tools to allow for more efficient and transparent process.