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State Licensing Process

Rather than notifying each individual operator that they have been locally authorized for commercial cannabis activity, the City Administrator’s Office (CAO) will communicate directly with state agencies and confirm with them if an applicant for a state license has obtained local authorization.

While we anticipated being able to both prospectively notify operators and respond to state inquiries, the CAO lacks capacity to carry out these dual notifications on top of our existing workload. As a result, operators need not wait on a formal email from the CAO before submitting a state license application.

Eligibility for Local Authorization

To qualify for a temporary state license to conduct commercial cannabis activity in the City of Oakland you must either have:

1. A current cannabis business permit under OMC 5.80 or 5.81 (e.g. existing permitted dispensary).

2. An application pending for a cannabis permit under OMC 5.80 or 5.81 and have already been approved by the Planning (zoning) and Revenue Management Bureaus as demonstrated by obtaining their signatures of approval on the cannabis permit application inspection card. You may email pictures of your signed inspection card to the CAO at to verify you have obtained these signatures

Please note: The City’s Equity Program applies to applicants seeking local approval under the second prong above so obtaining approval from the Planning and Revenue Bureaus does not automatically qualify you for a temporary state license.

Specifically half of all local authorizations under this prong shall be issued to Equity applicants. General applicants who serve as an equity incubator receive the next available local authorization for a General applicant. If you are a General applicant who is not incubating, it is unlikely that you will receive temporary licensing any time soon.

Learn more about state licensing.

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