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Why Oakland?

"It's a great place to work because of the quality of people who work here and because of the residents. You gotta love the variety and personality."

"If you live in Oakland, it's great to be a public servant in your own town."

"There is potential to do great things in this City and most of the employees want to do just that."

Benefits and Perks

The City of Oakland works hard to provide employees with competitive wages and benefits. Learn about the benefits of working for the City by visiting our Perks and Benefits page. 





Application Process

Getting a job with the City of Oakland can involve some extra steps. Learn more about applying for City of Oakland jobs—including the amount of time the process can take—by visiting our Job Application Process information page.

  1. 1
    Submit Application
  2. 2
    Review of minimum qualifications
  3. 3
    Review of supplemental questions
  4. 4
    Civil service exams and interviews
  5. 5
    Placement on eligibility list
  6. 6
    Department interviews
  7. 7
    Receipt of job offer

Current Openings

See Current Job Openings