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Fire Emergency Preparedness - Siren System

Creating a plan to keep all Oaklanders safe during an emergency.

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The Oakland Fire Department's Emergency Services Division works to help the Oakland community prepare for disasters. Keep reading to learn more about our programs. 

Emergency Sirens

At noon on the first Wednesday of every month, we test the emergency siren warning system.

The test is a 30-second slow wail tone. 

If you hear a siren at different time, there is an an emergency in your area! 

You should turn your radio to one of the following local emergency broadcast news stations: KCBS (740 AM), KGO (810 AM) or KNBR (680 AM) to learn more about the emergency. 

Sirens sound during earthquakes, chemical spills, large fires, terrorist acts or other emergency events. 

The City of Oakland uses three different siren sounds. Each sound tells you how to stay safe during the emergency.

If you hear a 3-minute steady tone, you should shelter in place.

If you hear a 3-minute slow wail tone, a there might be a s Tsunami. 

If you hear a 3-minute fast wail tone, there is a fire.

You can read more about the Oakland Siren Alerting and Warning System Flyer and check out the Oakland Siren Site Locations Map 

For hearing support call TTY (510) 238-3254. 

For language assistance call (510) 444-CITY (2489)