Apply for a Traffic Control Plan

To obtain an encroachment, obstruction or excavation permit, you are REQUIRED to submit a Traffic Control application.

Application for Traffic Control Plan
Permit Center (Same Day Processing)

250 Frank H. Ogawa, 2nd Floor

Oakland, CA 94612

Transportation Services (10 Day Processing)

Attn: Joe Watson

Oakland Public Works, Transportation Services Division
250 Frank H. Ogawa, Suite 4344 Oakland, CA 94612

If your project DOES NOT MEET any of the conditions listed below, submit your traffic control application to the Permit Center for same-day approval.

If your project MEETS one or more of the conditions listed below your application will take a minimum of 10 days to process.  

Your project, work site or limits of work:

1. Is located in a Holiday Restricted Street.

2. Is located in a Limited Duration Street.

3. Is within a street with commercially zoned land uses.

4. Has a work area of one city block or 300 feet or greater in length, whichever is less, along the street.

5. Provides less than 5 feet 6 inches of unobstructed sidewalk for sidewalk related work.

6. Requires lane closure with a work area of one city block or 300 feet or greater in length, whichever is less, along the street.

7. Requires street closures or traffic detour for all work area sizes. Note that depending on the nature of work and size of work area, proposed work in the parking lane may require full or partial street closure.

8. Requires full or partial closure of one or more signalized intersections (i.e. intersections controlled by a traffic signal, pedestrian signal, or railroad crossing signal) for all work area sizes. Note that this does not apply to intersections controlled by STOP or YIELD signs.

9. Is expected to impact State (Caltrans) right-of-way.

Upon approval of your traffic control application by Transportation Services, you are required to pay a processing fee to a representative at TSD. 

Incomplete applications are subject to delays and/or denials. 

Note that the Permit Center charges a permit fee which is separate from the TSD processing fee described above.