Apply for an In-Street Bike Parking Corral

In-Street Bike Parking Corral Application

Submit Completed Applications to:

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program

250 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, Suite 4344

Oakland, CA 94612

More Information

An in‐street bicycle parking corral is a group of bicycle parking racks placed in the street next to the curb aligned with car parking stalls. Corrals may be prioritized for installation where demand for bike parking is higher than can be accommodated on the sidewalk, or where sidewalks are too narrow for bike racks.

Corrals prevent City street sweepers from providing routine cleaning. Sweeping the area between the racks andtwenty feet to either side must, therefore, be done by hand. Corrals will only be installed where a business or organization has committed to hand‐sweep the corral area and to comply with other requirements listed below.