City Auditor's Responsibility and Authority

The City Auditor works for and reports to the citizens of Oakland. As an elected official, the City Auditor is objective and impartial when reviewing City activities.

Your City Auditor is not connected to any other City departments. To maintain objectivity, she has no day-to-day financial or accounting duties for the City of Oakland. This autonomy allows the Auditor to act as Oakland's independent and unbiased watchdog. in her role as Oakland's full-time watchdog - focused on ensuring that tax dollars and other resources serve the public's interest.

The City Auditor's job is to analyze the City's operations and programs. The auditor then publishes public reports which include both findings and recommendations.

The City Auditor has the power and the duty to audit the books, accounts, money, and securities for all City agencies and departments. The Oakland City Auditor also conducts surveys, reviews, and audits to serve the public. There's nothing in Oakland City government that the City Auditor cannot investigate.

The City Auditor welcomes requests for audits and reviews from Oakland citizens and all City employees and officials.

For more detailed information on the duties and responsibilities of the City Auditor, please see the Oakland City Charter.