Apply for Medical Leave and Disability

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Short Term Disability

Short-term disability allows you to continue receiving a percentage of your salary in the event you become ill or injured and cannot perform your regularly assigned duties. This benefit is paid for by the City of Oakland.

  • Employees in Local 1021 & 1245 who experience a non-work-related illness or injury are eligible to apply for State Disability Insurance (SDI). This insurance is provided through the State of California's Employment Development Department.
  • Local 21, CMEA & Unrepresented employees are covered by a third party administrator, The Hartford.

Benefits begin after a seven-day elimination period and are determined by several eligibility factors.

Long-Term Disability

The City of Oakland offers long-term disability through The Hartford. This coverage is available for full time and part time employees who works at 18.50 hours per week on a regularly scheduled basis for Local 21, CMEA & Unrepresented employees. For eligible employees, this benefits is offered at no cost. Employees are able to receive the lesser of 60% of their basic monthly earnings to a maximum of $4,500 per month.