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| Press Release

Oakland and San Francisco Sue Top Five Oil and Gas Companies to Make them Pay the Cost of Protecting Human Life and Property from Climate Change

Companies knew for decades that their products caused climate change and posed “catastrophic” risk, but lied to consumers and continued to make enormous profits.

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| News Update

City Attorney and Centro Legal de la Raza Sue Hotel Chain and local affiliate over violations of labor laws and Oakland’s minimum wage ordinance

Complaint is the City’s first lawsuit under the minimum wage law Oakland voters passed in 2014

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| News Update

City Attorney secures injunction against unscrupulous landlords in Fruitvale neighborhood

Tenants in a Fruitvale area apartment building have complained that they had no heat, no working smoke detectors, bedbug and cockroach infestations, faulty electrical wiring and other habitability problems, including a fire in July 2016 that caused extensive damage to several units.

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