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Digital Front Door

The City of Oakland is partnering with Code for America to undertake a redesign of its main website, currently at The goal of the project is to deliver City services in a simple, equitable way that builds trust with the community. We want to offer simple design, navigation and content to the site’s million visitors per year who seek information about City services and conduct business online. Additionally, we want to ease the publishing process or City staff to ensure that information is current, organized and easy to understand.

We are taking a user-centered, iterative, and data-driven approach to redesigning our website, and turning it into a space for space for interaction, feedback, and community participation.

Our Process

  1. 1

    Prioritize digital services based on usage and research to focus on services in high demand

  2. 2

    Get buy-in from key internal stakeholders (i.e., front-line public counter staff, City departments)

  3. 3

    Conduct user research with people in the community to identify top needs

  4. 4

    Map the current process to capture challenges and potential solutions

  5. 5

    Migrate content to the beta site and prototype pages to better fit the user needs

  6. 6

    Conduct user-testing to evaluate and refine best solutions

  7. 7

    Hand off beta site content and future recommendations to relevant stakeholders

  8. 8

    Capture ongoing feedback through the beta site for future refinement