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Police and Fire Retirement Board

The Oakland Police and Fire Retirement System is dedicated to protection and prudent investing of the pension funds for the benefit of the PFRS retirees and beneficiaries. PFRS strives to give the beneficiaries of this retirement system friendly and courteous service.

Police Commission

​The purpose of the Police Commission is to oversee the Oakland Police Department's policies, practices and customs to meet national standards of constitutional policing and to oversee the Community Police Review Agency that investigates police misconduct and recommends discipline.​

Privacy Advisory Commission

The Privacy Advisory Commission provides advice to the City of Oakland on best practices to protect Oaklanders' privacy rights in connection with the City's purchase and use of surveillance equipment and other technology that collects or stores our data.

Public Art Advisory Committee

The Public Art Advisory Committee works with staff to develop program policies and procedures and approves sites, budgets, selection methods, and proposals for public art in Oakland.

Public Ethics Commission

The Public Ethics Commission (PEC or Commission) is an independent commission made up of Oakland residents and charged with ensuring fairness, openness, honesty and integrity in Oakland City government.

Public Safety and Services Violence Prevention Oversight Commission

The Public Safety and Services Oversight Commission oversees the proper administration of the revenue collection and spending, and the implementation of the programs funded through Measure Z: The 2014 Oakland Public Safety and Services Violence Prevention Act revenue. Members are appointed by the Mayor and City Councilmembers.

Sugar Sweetened Beverages Community Advisory Board

The SSB Advisory Board advises the City Council and makes recommendations on how and to what extent the Council should establish and/or fund programs to prevent or reduce the health consequences of the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in Oakland communities.

Youth Advisory Commission

The Oakland Youth Advisory Commission (OYAC), empowers Oakland youth with leadership training and civic engagement opportunities and provides a platform for young people to enter the public arena and tackle important youth issues related to education, employment, public safety, the environment and health.